58% of medicines sold in Russia in April were produced domestically

| By | DSM Group

According to the analytical report of DSM Group, in April 2017, the commercial market of medicinal products amounted to 53.9 billion rubles (including VAT). Compared to March 2017, the volume of the market declined by 9.4%. The sales increased by 11.2% compared to April 2016.

“According to Laspeyres index, in April 2017, the ruble-denominated prices declined by 0.1%. In dollar terms, the price index increased by 4.1%. Overall, since the beginning of 2016, the decline of drug prices in the Russian pharmacies was 1.1% in ruble terms while, in US dollars terms, the prices increased and 11.5% in US dollars. The average package price of medicinal product in the Russian commercial market increased by 1% in April 2017 compared to March 2017 and amounted to 153.4 rubles,” said Sergey Shulyak, an expert of the pharmaceutical market and General Director of DSM Group.

In April 2017, 58% of medicines (in physical units) sold on the market were domestically produced but, given their low price compared to imported drugs, they accounted only for 28% of the market in value terms. In April 2017, prescription drugs represented 51% of the commercial market segment, while the share of over-the-counter drugs was 49%.