Solixant conducts a study of the most powerful antioxidant producer


The employees of Solixant, a resident of the BioMedical Cluster of Skolkovo Foundation, discovered in a body of water within Russia a microalga that is the most effective known producer of fucoxanthin. This powerful antioxidant facilitates fat burning and may have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

The research is funded by a mini-grant received by Solixant from the Skolkovo Foundation under a project to create the shrimp feed based on microalgae.

“The feed has several components, including microalgae which contain antioxidants. The studies began about 18 months ago and markedly intensified in the past six months when we received a grant from the Fund,” said Denis Kuzmin, CEO of Solixant. “As a result, we found that microalgae belonging to the genus Mallomonas are the most effective producers of fucoxanthin.”

Together with the Skolkovo Intellectual Property Center, the representatives of Solixant are preparing a series of patent applications for promising microalgae strains that are producers of biologically active substances.