PROTEK becomes the only Russian pharmaceutical distributor admitted to IFPW

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In March, the Board of Directors of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (IFPW) decided to admit CV PROTEK into this organization.

IFPW brings together wholesalers in 26 countries comprising 40% of the global market. The federation sees its mission in advancing safe and effective access to pharmaceuticals for patients worldwide.

IFPW includes major international distributors, namely Walgreens Boots Alliance (USA), AmerisourceBergen Corporation (USA), Oriola KD (Finland), McKesson Corporation (USA) and others.

“For CV PROTEK, the membership in the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers is above all the opportunity to share experience with foreign colleagues. CV PROTEK is a mature and reputable distribution company, but we still find it important to have access to new technologies and continue to implement the best international practices. As the leading company in the distribution sector of the Russian market that holds a significant market share, we feel the responsibility to make sure that the interests of Russia are represented in international industry associations,” said Dmitry Pogrebinsky, the General Director of PROTEK.