Production volumes of Pharmstandard-Leksredstva increased 19-fold in recent years


Pharmstandard-Leksredstva, a company based in Kursk, is a leader of Russian pharmaceutical industry and one of the top three in Kursk region in terms of production volumes and wages. The company is actively involved in import substitution. In 13 years since signing an agreement with the regional administration, more than 5 billion rubles were invested in the development of production facilities, the production volumes increased 19-fold, while the wages rose 5.4-fold and currently are among the highest in the industry of the region.

Over the past 5 years, the investments in fixed assets amounted to 3.2 billion rubles. This includes more than 1.2 billion rubles invested in the renewal of production assets and modernization of equipment in the past year. In December 2016, the company put in operation a new warehouse of packaging materials after the investment of 147 million rubles. Almost 614 million rubles were invested in the small series production area, which began its operation in Q1 2017.

In 2016, the Kursk-based company produced 425.6 million packages of medicinal products worth more than 21 billion rubles. To increase the production and improve competitiveness of its products, the company is working on manufacturing new medicines. In 2016, it began to produce 21 types of new medicines, including 3 drugs developed in-house. Overall in the last 5 years, the company launched 57 new medicines, while the total number of its employees increased to 1745.