PJSC Biokhimik will manufacture innovative Russian drugs


NC Pharm Group and CJSC Access Bioscience established Peptide Medicines, a joint venture to introduce the latest peptide medicines developed by Russian scientists.

As a part of the integration, CJSC Access Bioscience transfers to the joint venture a unique portfolio of medicinal products protected by Russian and international patents. For its part, the joint venture will organize clinical trials required for state registration of medicinal products and will be engaged in marketing and promotion of the entire portfolio.

“The joint venture will bring together two key competences, namely, the development of medicine and start of its industrial production. It is set to become a vivid example of the union between science and practice,” said Dmitry Polyakov, Director of Investment at Access Industries.

It has already been decided that the industrial production of medicinal products in all therapeutic forms will be set up at PJSC Biokhimik. PJSC Biokhimik will also make the synthesis of substances.