New product of R-Pharm will reduce the cost of HCV treatment

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On April 25, Vladimir Putin met the representatives of businesses in the Yaroslavl region. The event was attended by Vasily Ignatiev, the CEO of R-Pharm Group.

The CEO of R-Pharm mentioned the support provided to the pharmaceutical companies from the state represented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade under the state program “The Development of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry” for 2013-2020. “We are already moving towards the manufacturing of substances. Last year, we launched a shop to produce biotech substances based on monoclonal antibodies,” he said.

This involves the development and manufacturing of innovative products as, by the end of this year, the company expects to put in operation a plant for chemical substances in Rostov the Great. In this case, the total amount of investments will increase up to 10 billion rubles by the next year, which is five times more than originally planned. In addition, the project for the plant in Rostov will create 630 new jobs.

Vasily Ignatiev also informed the Russian President about one of the latest achievements of R-Pharm in the area of highly effective medicines for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C.

The epidemiologists estimate that today in Russia about 2 million people suffer from this disease, and unlike more expensive foreign analogs, the new medicine is capable to completely defeat the infection. At the same time, the cost of treatment with the new product of R-Pharm is sevenfold lower.