NANOLEK will supply Tepadina to the Russian market

| By | Drug Development, Nanolek

NANOLEK announced its cooperation with RIMZER Pharma GmbH (Germany), which will open the door to NANOLEK to distribute Tepadina® (LP-001134 Adienne S.r.l.; INN: thiotepa) in Russia. Thiotepa is used as part of combination therapy for bone marrow transplantation (BMT) from a related or unrelated donor. Due to its strong myeloablative properties thiotepa enhances immunosuppression and mieloablation, thus accelerating the engraftment of the transplant. This weakens the “ graft-versus-leukemia” reaction related to the “graft-versus-host” reaction.

BMT is a very costly procedure anywhere in the world, but the postoperative period is no less important and also highly expensive. Postoperative recovery takes 3-4 months and this period requires the use of expensive medicines, clinical observation and complex laboratory studies.

Vladimir Khristenko, President of NANOLEK, said, “Bone marrow transplantation is a very complex and promising field of the medicine. We are glad that we can improve patients access to high quality care and provide doctors with an effective medicine for their daily practice.”