Nacimbio produce more than 70% of required immunization medicines

| By | Microgen, Nacimbio, Sintez, Vaccine Production

National Immunobiological Company presented its immunobiological products at all-Russian forum and exhibition “State Order – For Fair Procurement”. Nacimbio plants produce more than 70% of the volume of medicines delivered under state contracts for the National Immunization Calendar: Microgen is the only manufacturer of bacteriophage pharmaceuticals in Russia, and Sintez was recognized as the best company in terms of retail sales growth.

Bacteriophages manufactured by Microgen are viruses that selectively target the bacterial cells. Bacteriophages provide an efficient and safe medicine to fight bacterial infections. The company manufactures 14 types of medicinal products based on bacteriophages, and more than a million packages of these medicines are used in Russia annually.

Ultrix, a flu vaccine, is manufactured in Russia by Fort in compliance with GMP requirements and standards. It is approved for immunisation of children of six years and older and does not contain any preservative. Sovigripp, a flu prevention vaccine manufactured by NPO Microgen, is used for annual immunization against seasonal flu.

Sintez, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Russia, has also presented its medicinal products at the exhibition. One out of ten packages of Russian-made medicines is manufactured at Sintez, and the product range of the plant includes almost 300 items.