Kazakhstan produce more than 800 names of medicines


Kazakhstan’s facilities used for manufacturing drugs meet GMP standards, have modernized their production capacities, implemented advanced technologies, and significantly expanded the range of their products. Only a few know that Kazakhstan’s pharmaceutical plants produce more than 800 names of medicinal products. A good example is JSC Nobel AFF, the first and the only one Kazakhstan’s manufacturer that has the arrangement for full cycle contract manufacture with Abbott Products Operations AG, a transnational pharmaceutical company.

Speaking about the activities of the factory, Svetlana Kiel, the advisor to the General Director of JSC Nobel AFF said, “Since 2002, the investments amounted to around $65 million. These investments allowed to install new manufacturing equipment with a world-class level of automation and integration of production processes. The company ranks second among Kazakhstan’s manufacturers in terms of market volume and employs about 400 people. The production capacities of the company are represented by 5 facilities, including those for manufacturing solid, soft and liquid dosage forms. In 2016, the output of medicinal products reached 6,766,505 packages, which is an increase of 53.7% compared to 2015. All stages of manufacturing undergo automatic testing, and the quality of final products is controlled by the company’s laboratory that has advanced analytical equipment.”