Five state contracts for insulin development are being implemented in Russia

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Olga Makarkina, the Head of the Pharmaceutical Industry Development Department at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, told reporters that the percentage of domestic manufacturers on the Russian market of insulins is increasing and this is related, among other things, to the localization by foreign companies of their production facilities in the territory of the Russian Federation.

“In 2016, the market of insulins grew by about 8% in monetary terms,” said the head of the department.

This positive trend is supported by the state program “The Development of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry” and other existing mechanisms for supporting the companies and localizing production in Russia. Five state contracts are currently being implemented to develop the insulins. The Industrial Development Fund provided loans for the construction of 2 plants to manufacture such medicines, said Olga Makarkina. For example, GEROPHARM received 500 million rubles for the project to build a full-cycle plant in St. Petersburg. Its launch will allow to manufacture 4 substances for 6 INNs. The new facility is also expected to produce the substances of analogue insulins. According to Vilena Boyko, the Head of GR Department at GEROPHARM Group, the plant opening is scheduled for 2018.

The demand for insulin analogues is emphasized by the scientific community. They are recognized as being more effective than genetically engineered human insulin.