American regulators interested in the Russian testing device

| By | Drug Quality Control, Roszdravnadzor

A unique device for non-destructive screening of pharmaceutical products developed by Roszdravnadzor and EnSpectr, a Russian company, attracted interest of American and Indonesian colleagues, said Mikhail Murashko, the head of the agency.

According to Mr. Murashko, the device that allows analyzing the quality of drugs without opening the package was developed in order to use it in the process of state supervision of the quality of medical products but also can be successfully used as a rapid analysis technology in all segments of the supply chain.

“The American pharmacopeia showed interest in this device, and our colleagues will take it for presentation in the United States in June,” said Mr. Murashko.

He added that Indonesia is also interested in the apparatus.

Mr. Murashko noted that there is no analog of such format in the world, since the device is the smallest and cheapest. The advantage of this equipment lies in the use of green laser, which is within the visible spectrum. In addition it can work not only with white but also with yellow glass of ampoules.