A quarter of Dubna SEZ projects focused on biotech and medical technologies

| By | Biotechnologies, Drug Manufacturing, Dubna

25 percent of all projects (or 29 companies) in Dubna Special Economic Zone (SEZ) focused on biotech and medical technologies. 15 among them have received the resident status in the past two years, which indicates the growing attractiveness of this special economic zone. The examples of successful project implementation provided by Andrey Krasnov, Head of New Residents Department at Dubna SEZ, included the companies with the medical products that have already carved their niche in Russian and global markets: Nordavind manufactures ECG Dongle, the world’s most affordable diagnostic cardio complex; AquaNova Rus provides high-quality dietary supplements and bioactive ingredients for Russian consumers; Arkray manufactures portable glucometers and test strips. The products of these and other residents of SEZ fully meet international quality standards and, as a result, are popular on the market and contribute to import substitution.

This was confirmed by Vadim Terekhov, Deputy General Director of Eiliton, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Medical and Technical Cluster of the Moscow Region, who added that Dubna SEZ created a favorable business climate that allows its residents to conduct research, build their own systems and bring their designs to the industrial production of high-tech products without running into administrative barriers.