10.7 billion rubles allocated to Russian pharma and medical industry in 2016


The figures reflecting the activities of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in 2016 indicate the increase in the volume of pharmaceutical market in final prices by 7.84% (to reach 1.21 trillion rubles in 2016); the volume of produced medicinal products in manufacturer’s prices increased by 23.75% (285.87 billion rubles in 2016).

The percentage of Russian-made medicinal products in the List of Vital and Essential Drugs (VED) is 76.8% (from the stage of manufacturing the finished dosage form), which exceeds the planned figure; their percentage in the total market volume is 30% in monetary terms (final prices) and 58% in physical terms.

In 2016, the exports and imports of pharmaceutical products reached USD 0.54 billion (+2% compared to 2015) and USD 0.91 billion (+3.4% compared to 2015), respectively.

In 2016, 16 new pharmaceutical plants were put into operation and 4 production facilities of the medical industry were opened in such areas, as X-ray diagnostic equipment, disposable polypropylene tubes, heart valves and coronary stents, consumables for medical needs.

The pharmaceutical industry received support in the amount of more than 8 billion rubles and another 2.7 billion rubles were allocated in 2016 for the development of the medical industry.

In addition, the Industrial Development Fund approved loans totaling more than 4.8 billion rubles to finance 7 projects in the pharmaceutical industry and 12 in the medical industry.