Vector-Bialgam will establish a joint venture with Romania and Moldova companies

| By | Drug Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Industry

Vector-Bialgam, a Novosibirsk-based manufacturer of vaccines, plans to establish by 2020 a joint venture with the companies from Romania and Moldova to produce pharmaceutical lacto and bifido preparations, announced in an interview with reporters Leonid Nikulin, the General Director of the company.

“We plan to proceed from production of lacto- and bifido-containing biologically active dietary supplements to pharmaceuticals. The Romanian representatives also want to engage Moldova, they wish to obtain our semi-finished products. Such pharmaceuticals were previously manufactured in Russia, but unfortunately but unfortunately this industry has failed to date. Some pharmaceuticals are supplied from abroad, [but] we are going to revive this industrial sector and cover up to 30% of the Russian market needs; this will approximately result in a production volume of about one billion rubles annually,” said Mr. Nikulin, adding that there are no dry preparations for children and adults on the market and the current trade involves mostly biologically active dietary supplements.

It is planned that Eastern European companies will supply finished products to Poland, Germany and other countries. According to Mr. Nikulin, the company already covers about 10% of the Russian market needs in lacto- and bifido-containing biologically active dietary supplements. The renovation and expansion of production facilities in the amount of 200 million rubles will allow to manufacture the medicinal products that can be prescribed to patients for therapeutic treatment. “We hope not only for cooperation with foreign investors, but also for support of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry and Trade,” said Mr. Nikulin.