Russian pharmaceutical market grew by 7.84% in 2016


In 2016, the volume of the Russian pharmaceutical market increased by 7.84% in end-consumer prices compared to 2015 and reached 1.21 trillion rubles, according to the information prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the meeting of its Board.

In the past year, the volume of drug manufacturing grew by 23.75% in manufacturer prices and reached 285.87 billion rubles. In monetary terms and end-consumer prices, the share of Russian-made drugs was 30% of the total market in 2016 (in 2015, 27.2%). In physical terms the share of Russian-made medicines amounted to 58% (5.7 billion packages).

The share of Russian-made drugs in the list of vital and essential drugs (VED) was 76.8%. The Russian-made drugs accounted for 30% of public procurement in monetary terms and 69% in natural terms.

In 2016, the exports of Russian pharmaceutical industry products increased by 2% compared to 2015 and reached 540 million dollars. In the same period the imports of similar products increased by 3.4% to 9.1 billion dollars.