Russian Ministry will support the pharmaceutical manufacturing


“The “odd man out” rule in public procurement of drugs continues to demonstrate its effectiveness,” said Alexey Alekhin, Deputy Director, Department of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry Development, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

“The percentage of Russian-made medicines in government procurement was 19% in 2014, and now this figure reached 30%,” pointed out Alexei Alekhin adding that statistics show the effectiveness of established structure. “Every year, we see that the production of drugs grows by about 20% in monetary terms. This is higher that the overall growth of the market.”

On the assignment from the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is elaborating a Decree “On Restrictions and Conditions of Admitting the Medicinal Products Originating from Foreign Countries and Included in the List of Vital and Essential Drugs for Procurement Purposes.” The deputy director of the Ministry’s department pointed out that their objective is to encourage the producers of pharmaceutical substances to expand their portfolio while taking into account the interests of those market players that manufacture finished medicinal forms.

“One of the vectors that will be supported by the ministry is to expand manufacturing of pharmaceutical substances,” said Alexey Alekhin. “But we in no way insist that the manufacturers of finished forms invest in their own production of substances. There is a possibility to use already available capacities to place the orders for manufacturing the substances.”