Russian Ministry of Health participates in elaborating WHO guidelines on GPhP


The World Health Organization (WHO) has invited the Center for Pharmacopoeia and International Cooperation of the FSBI “Scientific Center for Expert Examination of Medicinal Products” of the Ministry of Health of Russia (FSBI SCEEMP) to take part in the development of the WHO guidelines on Good Pharmacopoeial Practices.

The new guidelines are expected at the end of 2017. They will allow to standardize the requirements to quality of drugs all over the world. The public will have access to a wider range of medicinal products with guaranteed quality. FSBI SCEEMP represents the interests of Russia and the Russian state pharmacopoeia in this international platform.

Globalization and international cooperation have led to the need to harmonize the requirements for the quality of medicinal products.

WHO focuses on bringing the manufacturing of drugs in all countries to a unified standard, which requires to harmonize the pharmacopoeias of different countries. To this end, the organization, together with representatives of the pharmacopoeia of the world, is elaborating a unified standard in the form WHO Good Pharmacopoeial Practices.

WHO Good Pharmacopoeial Practices will provide the guidance to prepare the pharmacopoeial standards for regional and national pharmacopoeias. This will allow the pharmacopoeias of different countries to cooperate with each other in creating their own pharmacopoeial standards while maintaining a unified approach to their development.