Russia enacts the Rules of Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP)

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Starting from March 1, the Russian pharmacies will work under the new standards as the Rules of Good Pharmacy Practice for medicinal products, their storage and transportation come into effect.

The Rules of Good Pharmacy Practice spell out the details about the required pharmacy equipment and used operation procedures, up to the requirements for pharmacy management and staff. For example, the Rules stipulate that the pharmacy employees must not only be highly qualified, but also should have good communication skills and ability to prevent conflicts. As for the managers, they must implement a quality assurance system and keep their staff informed of all important developments ranging from legislative changes to customer complaints.

According to Nelly Ignatyeva, the Executive Director of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains (RAAS), the international practices of regulating the pharmacy activities are also based on the standardized norms. All these standards are gradually introduced in Russia, and one of them is the standard of Good Pharmacy Practice that comes into effect.

“In essence, this regulatory act combines all existing norms already established by a number of Russian documents. These orders are long-awaited,” said Nelly Ignatyeva. The expert noted that their implementation does not entail any radical change for pharmacy customers. But, in the end, they will win in terms of the service quality. “The new standards are needed to tighten the entrance to the pharmacy market and to ensure that only honest representatives of the professional community operate on this market,” added Nelly Ignatyeva.

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