Russia developed an anti-flu drug with new mechanism of action

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The drug with a new mechanism of action was created by chemists from Novosibirsk in cooperation with toxicologists from Tomsk and the Russian Research Institute of Influenza. This was reported in an interview with the Federal News Agency by Vladimir Zarubaev, Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Anti-Viral Chemotherapy at the Research Institute of Influenza.

At this point, the researchers have already completed pre-clinical trials, during which they studied the toxicological characteristics and efficacy of the new drug against the flu viruses.

„We have developed “Camphecinum”, a new substance. The preclinical trials demonstrated that it is safe and effective against all known flu viruses, including the strains resistant to existing drugs (rimantadine, Tamiflu). Therefore, it is now clear that we developed a drug with new target and new mechanism of action,“ pointed out Mr. Zarubaev.

According to the head of the laboratory, the researchers are currently preparing the documents for the clinical trials of the drug, which are tentatively expected to begin in 2018 under a state contract and will take 2-4 years.