RFAS managed to reduce prices for 150 medicinal drugs


In the period from November 2016, the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) managed to reduce the prices for 150 medicinal drugs, announced Igor Artemyev, the head of the agency.

“Within the marketing authorization system, we managed to actually lower prices for about 150 medicines; in real terms, this happens for the first time. This is the first board when we have succeeded to achieve the actual price reduction,” he said.

He also added that the decrease of drug prices, as well as lower prices for electricity across several major Russian regions, will have a substantial impact on their economies.

Under the instructions of the Russian president, FAS is conducting the comparative analysis of medicinal product prices in Russia and other countries. These activities include three stages – comparing the prices of drugs included in the list of „7 High-Cost Nosologies“ (completed in the end of last December), analyzing the prices of drugs used for the treatment of HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis, and analyzing the prices of vaccines used in the immunization schedule and state programs.

It is expected that, for 2016, the annual savings due to reduction of drug prices under the „7 Nosologies“ program will amount to 4.9 billion rubles.