Revenues from export of Russian drugs increased by 60%


In just one year, Russian companies increased their revenues from export of pharmaceutical products by more than 60% in ruble terms or by 48% in US dollars. According to the Federal Customs Service, in January 2017, the export of Russian drugs abroad generated the revenues of $42 million compared to $25 million for the same period a year earlier. But the physical volume of export changed insignificantly. The experts explain this fact by Russian drugs quality improvement.

According to the Federal Customs Service, while the volume of drug exports increased by 4%, the corresponding revenues jumped by 62.8% (in January 2016, $25 million; in January 2017, more than $42 million). This January, the sales abroad reached 1.7 thousand tons, while a year earlier, the figure was 1.6 thousand tons.

The highest revenues were generated by exports of medicinal products in packages ($23.5 million); human vaccines ($6 million) and veterinary vaccines ($2.6 million).

The highest revenues from the exports of Russian drugs were received in Ukraine ($12.9 million), as the export to this country reached 606.1 tons. Therefore, on average, 1kg of products costed to Ukrainians $21.4. This is not a significant amount compared, for example, to the Republic of Macedonia, where the Russian drugs were sold, on average, for $68.2 thousand per 1 kg. This happened because, in January, the Macedonians bought only 0.05 kg of medicines for $3.4 thousand.

Kazakhstan holds the second rank after Ukraine in terms of consumption of Russian pharmaceutical products. In January, the exports to that country amounted to 442.2 tons worth $9.9 million.