Production of pharmaceutical sprayers may start in Kaliningrad

| By | Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The project was discussed at one of the Kaliningrad plants by representatives of Austrian and Italian companies, as well as by Andrei Gorokhov, the author of Ecobaltic business park.

Andrei Gorokhov, the author of Ecobaltic business park in Bagrationovsky district, said, “This will be an absolutely unique production facility. There is no such production facility in the Kaliningrad region and even in Russia. It will have 14 molds to make different parts for the sprayer. One would think that a sprayer is easy to make. But it has 14 elements that need to be assembled. Since humans are not able to assemble this, the job will be done by the robots.”

According to Andrei Gorokhov, the sprayers will cost much less than their foreign-made analogs. They can be included in the import substitution project. According to Alberto Cantoni, his company sees a great potential in the Russian market.

Alberto Cantoni, CEO of the company (Italy), said, “We are impressed by the advantages that we would get if we work in this region. It is very easy to communicate with people, and we have the relations of partnership. We are currently approving the final drawings and completing the calculations of product costs.” The investments in the project will amount to 10-12 million euros.

The production of sprayers may be launched as early as next year. The plant will also receive the additional equipment to produce even more environmentally friendly packaging for drugs.