Pharmasyntez and Biocad are in top 10 Russian hospital procurement manufacturers

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According to the hospital audit of Russian pharmaceutical market conducted by DSM Group, in 2016, 882.2 million packages of medicinal products worth 221.9 billion rubles were purchased for hospitals in Russia.

One of the trends observed throughout 2016 was the growing share of generics in the procurement of medicinal products. In value terms, the share of original medicines in the procurement structure declined from 39% (2015) to 37.5% (2016). At the same time, in terms of packages, the original medicines account for only 4.6% of all purchased medicinal products.

In physical terms, the Russian-made medicines traditionally hold an overwhelming share in the hospital procurement segment. However, in 2016, this figure has decreased – in 2015, the share of Russian-made drugs was 75.5%, while in 2016, it fell by almost 3% to 72.8%. On the other hand, in value terms, the share of Russian manufacturers in the procurement increased by 3.2% and, as a result, reached 33.5%. There was a substantial growth in the procurement of medicinal products from such manufacturers as Petrovax (9.5 times), Biocad (2.7 times), Pharmasyntez (Irkutsk) (1.7 times) (these are the companies that are in TOP 20 in terms of volume and have demonstrated the highest increase in value terms).

However, the ranking of manufacturers in value terms includes mostly the foreign companies. The two exceptions are Pharmasynthez (Irkutsk) and Biocad.

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