New HBV drug will be registered in Russia by the end of 2018

| By | Drug Development, Skolkovo

Hepatera, a resident of Skolkovo Foundation’s biomed cluster, is expected to complete the registration of the world’s first medicine against hepatitis B (HBV) with delta-agent before the end of 2018, as it is currently finishing the drug trials. This was announced today to reporters by Kirill Kaem, Executive Director of Вiomedical Technologies Cluster at Skolkovo Foundation.

“The colleagues are conducting Phase II of clinical trials, and it is very successful. We think that the medicine will receive the marketing authorization in Russia at the end of 2018,” said Mr. Kaem during the on-site meeting held by the expert board of the Council of the Federation Committee on Social Policy.

According to the representative of the Skolkovo Foundation, Hepatera, a Russian company, has been developing the new medicine for eight years together with German scientists. Currently, the trials are conducted in both countries, and the first German patients are already receiving such treatment. “In essence, the drug blocks the release of virus from liver cells, which disrupts the replication cycle of the virus and, thereby, fights against it,” said Kaem.