Nativa develops its pulmonology drug area

| By | Drug Manufacturing, Nativa

For several years, Nativa, a pharmaceutical company, has been intensively developing a production line for pulmonology drugs.

“This year, we set a strategic goal to capture the half of this segment in the pharmaceutical market,” said Alexander Malin, the General Director of Nativa, “which will provide most of Russians suffering from COPD with effective and affordable Russian-made drugs.”

Last year, Nativa launched the first Russian-made drug for COPD therapy based on tiotropium bromide, which is included in the list of VED (Vital and Essential Drugs). Currently, only one foreign-made medication and one Russian-made analog with this active substance are available on the Russian market.

Until recently, the Russian doctors could prescribe only one imported medication to their patients. Wherein, as calculated by IMS Health, an analytical company, every year of using this foreign-made medication did cost about 1 billion rubles to the Russian economy.

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