Kurgan-based Sintez increased its net profit by 2.1 times in 2016

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JSC Joint-Stock Company Kurgan medicines and products “Sintez”, a part of National Immunobiological Company (Rostec Corporation), increased its net profit under RAS by 2.1 times in 2016 compared to 2015 to reach 703.7 million rubles. The company’s revenue grew by 15.8% and amounted to 6.75 billion rubles.

Kurgan-based “Sintez” accounts for 3% of Russian manufacturing of medicinal products, and the company makes a third of its output from its own substances,” said Maryam Khubieva, the CEO of Nacimbio. “The continuous expansion of product portfolio, systematic work towards import substitution and competent management have lead to strong financial results of the company.”

“In 2016, the plant substantially increased its revenue which was among other things ensured by the government incentives aimed at import substitution. The profit growth is on the one hand associated with higher revenues and, on the other hand, with additional measures to control expenses. I would like to remind you that last year Alexander Vinokurov joined the shareholders of the plant after buying the business of SIA INTERNATIONAL, a pharmaceutical distributor. It is no exaggeration to say that success of the plant is associated with the competent management by the new team,” said Andrey Zagorsky, the CEO of CJSC Pharm-Center (the managing company of JSC Sintez) and acting head of Sintez.