Investments in AKRIKHIN amounted to more than 2.6 billion rubles

| By | Akrikhin, Investments

Denis Chetverikov, the President of AKRIKHIN, presented the strategy and development priorities of the company to Igor Krasavin, the Head of Noginsk district. Mr. Chetverikov paid a particular attention to the plans for developing the portfolio of medicines, including both the proprietary drugs and those produced in partnership with foreign pharmaceutical companies. In addition, the discussion involved the results of large-scale program to develop and modernize the AKRIKHIN plant, which was successfully completed in 2016. The implementation of the program with the investments of more than 2.6 billion rubles allowed to increase the production capacity, rebuild and modernize the infrastructure of the enterprise.

“Currently, the Center is working on about 30 new medicines. The company views as its priority the socially important diseases, namely diabetes, tuberculosis, cardiovascular diseases,” said Denis Chetverikov. “AKRIKHIN is proud that it produces affordable and effective medicinal products for the patients”.

After visiting the production facilities, Igor Krasavin said, “AKRIKHIN is a modern innovative company that makes it possible to provide advanced and affordable medicinal products to the people not only in the Moscow region, but across Russia. In addition, it is one of the city-forming enterprises employing more than a thousand people. What we saw today is at the top level. Good equipment, trained specialists, and new technologies.”