Investments for innovative drugs manufacturing in Volgograd will reach 7 bln rubles

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During the meeting between Andrei Bocharov, the Governor of the Volgograd region, and Mikhail Fonarev, the Director of the Moscow Endocrine Plant, the parties emphasized that the project is being implemented on schedule in accordance with the established deadlines. At this stage, in collaboration with specialists from Volgograd, the Moscow Endocrine Plant continues to scale the substances for their further introduction into manufacturing. This work is proceeding with positive dynamics.

The effective use of industrial and scientific potential of the region is a priority for the long-term development strategy of the Volgograd region. The establishment of a chemical and pharmaceutical cluster has become one of the key projects for the entire Southern Federal District. The implementation of the project with the total cost of seven billion rubles will allow to set up the production of innovative medicinal products for import substitution, create new jobs, and open a new direction of regional industry.

The project also includes the upcoming opening of Research and Manufacture Center for Innovative Medicinal Products of Volgograd State Medical University with about a billion rubles allocated for its construction and equipment. At the second stage of the project, the key partner of the region will be FSUE Moscow Endocrine Plant, as the company intends to build a plant in the city of Volzhsky to manufacture the substances from animal raw materials for import substitution. At the third stage, the cluster will bring together small- and medium-sized innovative enterprises, as well as the scientific centers of the region.