Clinical trials of Russian-American TB drug successfully completed

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Infectex, a resident of Skolkovo Foundation Biomedical Cluster, announced the completion of clinical trials for SQ109. The drug has no analogues in the world. It is expected that the medicine will be registered soon and then will go into production.  Clinical trials Phase 2b-3 lasted six months and were performed in seven clinical centers of Russia, with 140 patients who have completed the course of active treatment and showed a statistically significant improvement.

Professor Sergei Borisov, Deputy Director for Research and Clinical Practice, Moscow City Research-and-Practical Center for Tuberculosis Control, Moscow City Health Department, confirmed that SQ109 demonstrated its safety, efficacy and good tolerability.

“The trials proved that by the end of sixth month of treatment in PP group of patients treated with SQ109, the rate of bacterioexcretion cessation increased to 80%, which was significantly higher than in patients treated with the standard regimen plus placebo (61%),” said Sergei Borisov.

SQ109 is originally a joint Russian-American development. It belongs to the class of small molecules discovered by scientists of Sequella, Inc. (USA) and the National Institute of Health (USA). The medicine was developed by the Russian company under a license for development and commercialization in Russia and CIS.