BIOCAD will invest 20 bln rubles in production development

| By | Biocad, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

In the near 3-5 years BIOCAD Company is going to invest 20 bln rubles in development of its production facilities in St.Petersburg. Biotechnological company BIOCAD has started several projects at once that are related to production development in the Northern capital city.

One of the projects is aimed at construction and organization of the Centre for pre-clinical trials and production of pharmaceutical ingredients and finished formulations. Projected floor space will exceed 10 thousand square meters; the scope of project investments will amount to 3,1 bln rubles of own funds, including 1,5 bln rubles designated for production setup. Project implementation terms 2017-2027, construction will take 2 years.

The facility will be located in Pushkin region, Podbelskiy Highway. The City Government has already assigned the plots of 8 hectares. Putting the facility into operation will allow to create about 200 jobs. The payback period will be 5.7 years.

„It is planned that tax proceeds to the Russian budgets will reach 6 bln rubles by the year 2027. Eighteen pharmaceuticals will be manufactured there, including seventeen ones intended for treatment of cancer and multiple sclerosis, five drugs will have no analogs in Russia“ — share their expectations in the company.

Projected scope of investments is 3.051 bln rubles, projected implementation period is 10 years, till 2027. The company expects that the investments will pay back in 5.7 years. The tax proceeds to the Russian budgets will exceed 6 bln rubles, namely: over 3.6 bln to the regional budget; 2.3 bln rubles to the Federal budget and 260 mln rubles to non-budgetary funds.