BIOCAD will continue to supply biosimilar of rituximab to Vietnam

| By | Biocad, Export of Medicines

In March, BIOCAD, a biotech company, has for the second time received a quota to supply a biosimilar of rituximab to Vietnam. This means that BIOCAD partners will continue to supply local hospitals with Russian-made medicine, and the patients will receive affordable treatment in Vietnam, announced the company’s press service.

BIOCAD expects to get permanent marketing authorization for the drug in the late Q3/early Q4 2017. This will allow the company to export the unlimited amounts of this medicine from Russia.

The international expansion is one of strategic goals of BIOCAD and, in this context, every new market is viewed as yet another victory for the company. Vietnam is one of the priority markets, because the economy of this country is today one of the fastest growing in Southeast Asia.

The biosimilar of rituximab manufactured by BIOCAD is already present in the international markets. In particular, it is available in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Yemen, as well as in the CIS. By the end of 2017, the company plans to launch the medicine in India and Sri Lanka.