BIOCAD launches a drug labeling information system

| By | Biocad, Drug Marking

In mid-March, BIOCAD, a biotech company, launched in operating mode a Track&Trace system for its three products. This is a pilot project implemented as part of the experiment to label certain medicinal products for human use with control (identification) marks and monitor their circulation. Now, all BIOCAD deliveries of monoclonal antibody-based medicines to distributors and from distributors to the end users can be tracked in this system using a special DataMatrix code on the package.

“Track&Trace will help track the path of each package, fight counterfeiting and gray market schemes. The launch of labeling system will not increase medicines prices, but it will improve the transparency of the market. We decided to be the first to start such project. In the future, other market participants will also join the project,” said Dmitry Morozov, the CEO of BIOCAD.

Many distributors have already signed agreements with BIOCAD to participate in the project and acquired the equipment for scanning the code. It is expected that in the near future other distributors will connect to the system.