Belarus researchers work on a new cancer drug


The researchers in Belarus are developing a new drug intended for liver and kidney cancer treatment. This was announced by Elena Kalinichenko, the Deputy Director for Science and Innovation at the Institute of Bio-organic Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Corresponding Member of the NAS, Doctor of Chemical Sciences.

“Liver and kidney cancer, the so-called ‘solid tumors’ are very hard to treat. Today, in Belarus and all over the world, the doctors have learned fairly well how to treat the leukemia or blood cancer, as they select the combinations that allow to dramatically increase the duration and quality of life and, in some cases, achieve a complete cure. But solid tumors are very hard to cure, and the surgery does not always lead to a positive results. “So, we set about developing a new medicine,” said Elena Kalinichenko.

This medicine is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, which blocks the action of specific protein and stops the tumor growth. “This year, we are planning to submit the documents to register the finished dosage form,” added the Deputy Director of the Institute of Bio-organic Chemistry of the NAS.

One tablet of a foreign analog costs $60, but Belarusian pharmacists intend to lower the price of their medicine by at least twice. “Our original technology allows to reduce the cost of the substance used to manufacture the drug, which drives down the cost of the tablet,” said Elena Kalinichenko.