A unique cancer drug can be tested in Russia soon


The scientists at the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine (ICBFM) of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences expect to receive in the near future the authorization from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation to conduct the clinical trials of unique cancer drug developed by them on the basis of breast milk protein (lactaptine). This was announced by Vladimir Richter, the Deputy Director of the Institute, in an interview with TASS news agency.

“We are completing the registration of the active ingredient for this medicinal product. The documents are in the Ministry of Health and we have received the first response to our application to obtain the authorization for clinical trials. There were some critical remarks which we should address in the near future. Meanwhile we are working on finding the investors,” said Mr. Richter.

He added that the scientists are ready to start the clinical trials of the drug immediately after obtaining the authorization from the Ministry of Health and necessary financing. Phase I of clinical trials will require about €240 thousand, said Mr. Richter.

According to the scientist the investor could be one of the major players in the Russian pharmaceutical market. But the deputy director added that private companies are reluctant to collaborate with research institutes, that have all their patents in federal ownership.