A project on procurement of high-cost drugs starts in the Russian regions

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The project is planned for implementation in Moscow, Moscow region and Kaluga region. 18 manufacturers have expressed their willingness to participate in the project. 13 offers from 8 companies have been recommended for inclusion in the pilot project following the expert examination held by the Center for Healthcare Quality Assessment and Control as part of the comprehensive assessment of medicines.

The comprehensive assessment includes the analysis of information on comparative clinical efficacy and safety of medicinal products and the evaluation of economic and other effects of their use.

It is planned that the pilot project will include innovative medicines intended for the treatment of some oncological and autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases of the intestine and hepatitis C, that are in the List of Vital and Essential Medicinal Products, i.e. the medicines with proven clinical and economic efficacy.

All medicines are in the category of high-cost drugs and under patent protection. The final decision on selecting the offers will be made by the regions participating in the project.

The period defined for implementing the pilot project is one year, and the decision on whether to continue or expand the project will be based on its results. For a number of medicines this period can be extended due to peculiarities of individual diseases treatment.