A pharmaceutical plant worth $34 million will be built in Shymkent

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A plant for the production of medical devices and medicines worth $34 million will be built in Shymkent. This was announced during the meeting of Zhanseit Tuimebayev, the Governor of South Kazakhstan region, with Sheikh Hassan Abdulkarim Habib Mansour Alkherz, the member of the government of United Arab Emirates, and Kazakh businessmen, reported Kapital.kz, a business information center, citing the press service of the Akimat of South Kazakhstan region.

During the talks, the executives of Huray Pharmaceuticals, Aquacrystal Croup and BITONFLY, a European company, presented joint projects to the Governor of the region. One of these projects includes a plant for manufacturing 50 types of medical devices and medicinal products. The project cost is US $34 million.

It should be noted that the businessmen asked the head of the region to allocate about 7 hectares of land for construction of the plant in Tassay industrial zone.

During the meeting, it was stated that the construction of two residential complexes in collaboration with the partners from UAE will start in May 2017. The businessmen from the United Arab Emirates will direct 60 percent of their investments to the construction of these sites.