A pharmaceutical cluster is established in Moscow region

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The agreement was signed by IBPM of RAS, IPCP of RAS, ITEB of RAS, IFPB of RAS, BIBC of RAS, Hospital of ChSC of RAS, Hospital of PSC of RAS, Test Pushchino LLC, and Pre-Clinical Trials LLC. The agreement implies the integration of the competences of participants for development and trials of medicinal products.

In his speech, Arkady Murashev, the Head of Laboratory of Biological Testing at IBCh of RAS, said, “Joining the competencies of all participants creates a ‘one-stop shop’ system and allows to conduct fast and high-quality trials at any stage. Pushchino laboratories meet Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and operate in accordance with the international standards. They are also used to conduct all 4 phases of clinical trials. This is an indisputable competitive advantage, including for export purpose.”

At the agreement signing ceremony, Ilya Chistyakov, the General Director of Preclinical Study Center, Candidate of Medical Sciences, said, “28 pharmaceutical plants were commissioned as part of Pharma 2020, a state program. In the past 5 years, the investments reached more than 150 billion rubles. The pharmaceutical market and biotech industry represent the most high-tech sector in terms of absolute and relative R&D expenditure.” These are statistics of previous years. According to Mr. Chistyakov, the accumulated scientific experience and market prospects give enough grounds to believe that “the market of biotech medicinal products growth is expected as soon as in 2017 and its sales volume will exceed 50 billion rubles.”

SOURCE: gmpnews.ru
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