A nuclear cluster established in the Kaluga region

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The idea of such cooperation was proposed by Gennady Sklyar, a Russian State Duma member, as early as the last spring. Obninsk, a city in the Kaluga region, is the place that offers opportunities for a breakthrough in the area of nuclear technology. This can be achieved by emphasizing its contemporary focus – a bet on technology that would benefit people.

Today, the cluster acquires real features. It already has about 10 participants. By the end of next week, the experts will prepare all necessary documents to register the organization. And in a month, in April, it will receive the official status. Gennady Sklyar said that, immediately after this event, Obninsk would host a strategic session to present the program for the cluster. By the way, Mr. Sklyar has become the chairman of the cluster’s board and Natalia Ayrapetova, Deputy Director of the Institute of Physics and Power Engineering, was appointed the executive director of the cluster.

Gennady Sklyar described the Obninsk platform as unique for developing the nuclear cluster. The city brings together the physicists, health professionals, pharmacists, environmental experts, those who train skilled personnel and manufacture the innovative equipment and materials.

„Our developments can be converted into competitive products, said Mr. Sklyar. — Our enterprises focus exactly on manufacturing new products, and they have every chance to enter the international markets.”