33 mln rubles will be spent to develop a Russian analog of Tamiflu


The Russian medicinal product will be the analog of Tamiflu, a Swiss medicine which has no equally effective competitors so far.

The ministry believes that having a well organized synthesis of the active ingredient of potentially patentable neuraminidase inhibitor (active ingredient of Tamiflu) is important for biological and economic security of the Russian Federation.

The medicinal product under development should be based on the new salt of oseltamivir (such salt forms the basis of Tamiflu) in the pharmaceutical form of tablets or capsules.

By 2019, the implementation of the project will require 33 million rubles (20 million for 2017; 11 million for 2018; and 2 million for 2019). According to the existing rules, the research (at least 25% of it) should be financed by extrabudgetary funds.

The medicine will be developed under the program “Development of Pharmaceutical and Medical industry of the Russian Federation for the Period up to 2020 and Beyond” (Pharma 2020) approved by the government in 2011. The Ministry of Education and Science is seeking a contractor to conduct the clinical trials.