The pilot project on the implementation of the Risk Sharing Model

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Moscow, the Moscow region and Kaluga will be the pilot regions for testing a new model of the government drugs procurement through the system of “risk-sharing agreement”. This information was announced by Vitaly Omelyanovsky, Director of the FSBI “Center for Expertise and Healthcare Quality Assurance” of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (CEHQA) to the Prime agency.

“In the framework of the pilot project, the price of the drugs will be completely paid by the state. In case patient fails to respond to treatment with the selected drugs, then this patient will be switched to the another treatment scheme. The money spent on the purchasing of drugs for the patients who failed to respond to that treatment will be returned by the company and used to purchase drugs for other patients,” specified Mr. Omelyanovsky.

“The pilot projects on the implementation of the risk sharing model in Russia are planned to be launched in March-April 2017. At the current stage, the pilot project duration is determined to be one year. After this, we will evaluate the results,” says the CEHQA Director.

Drugs for the treatment of viral hepatitis type C, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, several oncological and blood diseases are being considered as candidates for the inclusion into the pilot project. These drugs have not yet received the patent protection.

As Mr. Omelyanovsky stated, the main goal of the implementation of the risk sharing model pilot projects is not the financial effect, nor budget savings. The considered scheme of the drugs procurement which is dependent on drugs efficiency will provide care to a much greater number of patients at the expense of the allocated budget funds.
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