“Snabpolymer Medicine” may take 20% of Russian safety syringes market

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A Russian and Chinese joint company Snabpolymer Medicine plans construction of plants for manufacturing safety syringes and blood transfusion systems in the Bor and Krasnodar cities in 2018, said CEO of the Company Vladimir Chepko.

“The annual production output is about 350 million syringes and about the same amount of blood transfusion systems. Half of the equipment will be domestically manufactured and another half will be imported. Launch of the enterprise is scheduled for the end of 2019,” said Mr. Chepko.

Investments in the manufacturing site in Bor of Nizhny Novgorod are estimated to be 1.3 billion rubles, three-quarters of which are invested by the Chinese partners. Snabpolymer Medicine plans to allocate the same amount to the construction of the plant in Krasnodar. On each of the plants, 250 new jobs will be created. The Investment Council under the Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region provided the company with the area of 11 hectares under the agreement.