Russia has Developed a Virtual Testing Technology for Anticancer Drugs

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Russian scientists have developed a program for virtual testing of anticancer drugs and selection of individualized cancer chemotherapy for cancer patients, according to RIA Novosti with reference to the press-service of the Institute for Systems Biology.

“We have described biological processes inside the human body. Our platform includes not only results of fundamental studies that we could find in scientific publications but also mathematical description. We are viewing cells, cytokines and drugs as variables, and the immunity as a complex system of equations. In fact, we have constructed the computer model of the human immune system,” said Oleg Demin, head of the project.

The computer model of the human immune system is capable to predict whether a drug will work or not. The program, which the scientists have called the Immune Response Template (IRT), describes the behavior of the immune system at the very detailed level, thus, translating into the language of the mathematics all interactions between the immunotherapy and the living immune cells.

All the formulae were derived based on the recent years studies of how the immune cells interact with the environment and the pathogens. The technology has already been adopted by several large pharmaceutical companies, and its scientific description was presented at several international conferences of the pharmacologists. Demin believes that the technology developed by him will be a large step forward in viewing the human body as a giant biological program which may be tuned as easily as a commonplace computer program.
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