Quadrivalent influenza vaccine will be available in Russia by 2019

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Russian manufacturers of pharmaceuticals are ready to present a new quadrivalent influenza vaccine protecting against four different flu strains before the start of epidemic season in 2019.

“It is our downright and clear understanding that creation of a quadrivalent influenza vaccine, rather than a trivalent one, is going to be the next step in development of flu vaccines. From a technical viewpoint, we are ready to produce it,” told Andrey Lomakin, Deputy General Director of the National Biopharmaceutical Company FORT LLC, at the round-table session held by Rospotrebnadzor.

“Estimated implementation period for this project is about two years, so, not in the next epidemic season but in the epidemic season of 2019, we shall have a certified and authorized quadrivalent vaccine,” said Lomakin.