Phase II clinical trial of cancer vaccine will be conducted in Russia

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Phase I clinical trial has demonstrated that a new DNA-vaccine gives a chance to cancer patients even with the fourth stage disease. Professor Alexander Schneider from Boston, Head of the international project which is being implemented under Pharma-2020 Program, President of SL-Oncology (Skolkovo), has told about promising features of this plasmid medication in his interview to the Federal News Agency.

According to Professor Schneider, in 2017, Phase II full-scale clinical trial of the cancer vaccine will start in several Russian cities. This international project will involve large cancer centres along with science and research institutes of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk and Tumen.

Phase I extended clinical trial that was completed late last year, demonstrated high potential of the new vaccine, which is based on a plasmid (circular DNA) and named Elenagen after the wife of Dr. Schneider. This plasmid contains gene encoding р62 protein, that is the central component of intracellular system intended to «maintain order in the cell» — autophagy, the phenomenon which discovery was awarded a Nobel Prize this year.

According to Alexander Schneider, the upcoming clinical trial will cover breast and ovarian cancer and it was decided to test the vaccine on brain cancer as well. Tumen Federal Centre of Neurosurgery, which is one of the world’s best centres, will participate in the clinical trial.