New measures to support Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers

| By | Drug Manufacturing, FAS Russia

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich instructed the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Health to develop additional proposals for new measures to support Russian pharmaceutical companies via public procurement. Earlier, the Ministry of Industry proposed to give to the state the absolute advantage of trading companies producing products based on active substances developed in Russia.

At a meeting with the participation of the FAS, Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Health, Russian and foreign pharmaceutical companies Deputy Prime Minister instructed the agencies to further develop the introduction of new restrictions on public procurement of medicines – their proposed link with the degree of localization of the pharmaceutical industry. Earlier the Ministry of Industry has proposed to introduce a three-tier system of preferences for companies that manufacture drugs based on pharmaceutical substances produced in Russia. Such producers should receive absolute priority over the others, in their absence, the purchase will take place on the principle of “odd man out” (when a foreign supplier does not participate in the competition in the presence of two Russian).

Several pharmaceutical associations have criticized the ministry’s proposal and sent to the unit Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich letter. According to the associations, agencies offers will create in the Russian market of medicines discriminatory conditions for the majority of companies, as substances, producers will have individual preferences, which will lead to a reduction in the number of players and a narrowing of the range of medicines.

Now the ministry will consider the correlation of new preferences and existing principles of the conclusion of investment contracts in the industry, to calculate a mechanism for determining reference prices for such purchases, and consider support measures for the original drug manufacturers.