More than 20 medicines have been launched to the Russian market

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The results of project implementation were discussed at the meeting of the general committee of the Presidential Council of the Russian Federation for Economic Modernization and Innovative Development of Russia.

According to the information presented at the meeting, 8.4 billion rubles were allocated from the federal budget to projects in the field of “Medical equipment and pharmaceuticals”.

The field of development and production of medicines, medical equipment and medical devices got a support that contributed to the development of innovative biotechnology, cell, nuclear and nanotechnology in medicine. Projects of this area are related to the creation of modern scientific and research-and-production complexes allowing to perform a full cycle of development of medicinal products and high-tech medical devices (Biotechnology Center Generium, ChemRar High-Tech Center). More than 20 medicinal products have been launched to the Russian market.

The new stage of innovation policy in the country is associated with implementation of the National Technology Initiative.

“This year, about 12.5 billion rubles were allocated for the National Technology Initiative taking into account transfer of the last year funds part . Our activities are carried out within the framework of “road maps” of the NTI. Six maps have been laid down: AutoNet, EnergyNet, NeuroNet, AeroNet, MariNet and HealthNet, they contain quite specific projects. 12 of them have already been approved,” outlined the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.