Microgen is ready to market a unique bacteriophage


Combined bacteriophage preparation “Enterobacter multivalent purified” intended for treatment and prevention of infections caused by Enterobacter species has successfully passed the phase II clinical studies. Preliminary data has proved safety and efficacy of the preparation for the patients with surgical infections caused by Enterobacter species, namely E. aerogenes, E. cloacae, E. agglomerans, and for the patients with postoperative wounds and phlegmons after surgical debridement procedure.

New bacteriophage was created at Immunopreparat research and production association, Ufa branch of Microgen. It is the first time in the world practice when scientists managed to combine in a single preparation an entire complex of virulent bacteriophages belonging to Enterobacter genus – species E. aerogenes, E. cloacae, E. agglomerans, purified from bacterial metabolites.

Scientific and Production Association for Immunological Preparations “Microgen” is the only manufacturer of medicinal bacteriophage preparations in the world. Company specialists throughout the entire year continue updating the bacteriophage collection in order to develop drugs that are efficient in antibiotic-resistant settings.