Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Healthcare has excluded 51 medicines from the VED drugs List

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The list of Vital and Essential Drugs (VED) of Kyrgyzstan Republic is approved by a decree of government and is the main state list enhancing accessibility of basic vital and essential pharmaceuticals for population and healthcare organizations. The List is used for hospital procurements and medical prescriptions, for reimbursement of costs related to treatment of the monitored diseases and funds assigned under the Program of State Guarantees of Kyrgyzstan Republic.

Recent revision of the List has revealed that Kyrgyzstan VED included medicinal drugs that are not mentioned in the World Healthcare Organisation (WHO) list. These drugs do not meet the selection criteria as lacking efficacy, outdated and unpractical. 51 drugs were excluded in total. At the same time, a number of basic pharmaceuticals referred to the international medical practice were not included in the Kyrgyzstan VED List. Considering this fact, in 2017 Kyrgyzstan VED List was amended with inclusion of the pharmaceuticals for treatment of cancer, TB, HCV, dermatology and venereology diseases, pain control, birth control, antibiotics and other medicinal products for treatment of priority diseases (95 items in total).