Iodonium salts production technology will reduce the cost of drug manufacturing

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Scientists of the Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) together with foreign colleagues have developed eco-friendly iodonium salts production technology, which will reduce the cost of manufacturing of medicines and chemical products based on them, informed RIA Tomsk the Head of Department of Technology of Organic Substances and Polymer Materials of TPU Mekhman Yusubov.

He clarified that the scientists suggest not to use organic oxidizing agents in the manufacturing of medicines and chemical products and replace them with non-organic agents. This approach is consistent with the principles of “green technology”, when dangerous, toxic and expensive chemicals are left behind in favor of safer and cheaper ones.

“If organic oxidizing agents such as derivatives of benzoic or acetic acid are used for production of pharmaceutical substances, they can be replaced with inorganic oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide, persulfates and perchlorates, which are the part of the bleaching agents. And it will be more ecologically safe,” said Yusubov.

According to him, such an approach for iodonium salts production was never used earlier. The technology can be useful in various fields of science and technology. In particular, in the production of pharmaceuticals and radiopharmaceuticals used for diagnosis and theranostics – medical approach, in which drugs and methods are both means of early diagnosis and treatment.