In January 2017 officinal medicines import to Russia amounted to 29.8 billion rubles

import 2017

The total cost of finished medicinal products imported in Russia amounted to 29.8 billion rubles in January 2017 (in prices set for release for free circulation). In-bulk supplies for the same period amounted to 6.8 billion rubles. The difference in amount of finished forms as compared to the same period of 2016 is about 20 % (calculated in rubles) — this is the best figure for the last six months. In January, in-bulk products demonstrated a growth rate at the level of 90 % — a higher growth rate of in-bulk supplies was recorded last time 8 months ago.

Natural volume of import of finished medicinal products in the first month of 2017 amounted to 125.8 million packages, the annual growth rate is very close to 19 %. Taking into account supplies of in bulk medicinal products, 2.74 billion minimum dosage units (MDU) were imported to our country in January — the increase as compared to the same period in 2016 was 27 %. Over the past 13 months, higher growth rate was recorded only once, in August 2016.

In January 2017, the trend of ruble share increase in settlements for supply of imported medicinal products continued; in total, supply of finished forms and in-bulk in ruble at the moment accounts for 95.8 % of all payments, that is 2.5 % more than the year before. The decrease in volume of payments in the European currency was the most significant, within the year it lost 1.7 %.